Tips For School Physicals

There comes a time in every kid’s life when you will have to go and get a physical.  One physical that many kids hate to go through is school physicals in Fort Mill.  When going to a school physical doctors will come in and do a general checkup to ensure that you are healthy, eating right and are able to take part in general school activities.

The reasoning for this is that the state board of education needs to ensure that students are safe and healthy.  We don’t want to have students falling sick on the ballfield or not coming to school for other physical ailments. 

school physicals in Fort Mill

Show up on time

The best thing to do is show up on time and even early.  If you can get out of class early and wait in the nurse’s office you will be seen by the doctor that much sooner.

Note any issues

Like going for any other physical you want to take note of any health issues or problems that you may have.  When you see the doctor tell them everything that is wrong with you so they can make a note of it in their file as well as check it out.  If they see that it could be a larger issue, they can recommend that you go and see your family physician.

Go with a friend

Sometimes you may not like going to a doctor.  If this is the case see if you can go with a friend to ensure that you are okay and if you need the support let them know.

Have any other medical records with you

When going to the doctors you want to have any medical records with you for them to review.  This may be needed if you are going to be taking medications or having other things done by the school nurse.

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