Cleaning Out the Garage: What Should You Keep?

Is your garage beginning to get a little crowded and clustered up with items you have accumulated over the years? Having a hard time getting your car or motorcycle into your garage thanks to all of the clutter collecting dust? It might be time to have a “spring cleaning” of sorts for your garage.

How do you do this? If you can set aside some time to look through all your things and decide what you might like to keep and what you might like to get rid of, you can make some room in your garage. If you don’t have the time to do it on your own, or think you need a hand, you could also rely on a handyman in florence ky to be there to give you some assistance with your garage cleanup project.

What to Keep, and What to Get Rid of?

Having trouble deciding what you should keep around in your garage, and what you should potentially donate or sell to someone else? Use this handy little guide to give you a hand in making the decision simpler.

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First off, think about what belongs in the garage. Unless you are using your garage as a library, you probably don’t need to keep those old boxes of books and childhood magazines stored in it. Try to keep things that you know should be in the garage, and try to find new homes for things that don’t serve an explicit purpose in the garage.

Think about making a trash box. Get a box that you can put in the corner to throw things in that you know you want to get rid of. It will help you stay organized if you have separate keep and trash boxes.

Try to group items together, if possible. For example, your tools can go with your other tools, and electronics can go with electronics. You will save a good deal of time on this project if you have a way to stay organized.

It can be a large undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Hopefully, some of these tips will be helpful in keeping you organized as you attempt to clean up your garage once and for all.

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